Collaborative Teaching Practice

eLearning modules developed in Adapt Authoring Tool


The Futures Learning Unit in NSW Department of Education needed training for teachers about how to work collaboratively. This was to support the $1 billion government investment in new learning spaces, where teachers often share large rooms of combined classes.

As learning designer and project manager for this project, I developed four learning modules and an online activity journal.


  • conducted user survey to improve UX
  • provides 11.5 hours of NESA (NSW Education Standards Authority) accredited professional development
  • incorporates mini scenarios, embedded videos and a range of question types
  • participants share their work on the NSW Department of Education’s Yammer platform
  • participants assessed through online platform and by their school supervisor (via online activity journal)
  • WCAG2.0AA compliant
  • collaborated with SME – Chris Bradbeer from The Stonefields Collaborative Trust (NZ)


Adapt Authoring Tool | Scenario Based Learning | Project management | WCAG | UX | Graphic design