I’m someone who likes creating original things and helping people.

As a child, these passions translated well to the world of lego. I seemed to lose all sense of time when I was connecting coloured blocks to each other. But even when I was convinced that finding that one missing flower head would transform my creation from garden-variety into the Garden of Eden, I’d still help out on long and futile searches for Darth Vader’s stupidly small lightsaber. I also remember getting a kick out of explaining to a kid why the spaceman’s face kept disappearing when he put the helmet on.

Later in life I had to figure out how to satisfy these passions in more socially acceptable ways. I worked for a while as a web and graphic designer, but it wasn’t long until I started craving some more meaning and adventure. A stint teaching English in Korea ignited my passion for education and set a decade-long journey of teaching in motion.

It makes sense that my interest in creating things and helping others led me to where I am now. As a learning designer, I get to create interesting, complex projects that help people grow and change. I’m in my element!